Baboons Break Into Rental Apartment, Throw A Raging Party

Imagine staying in a luxury flat with your family in South Africa… then coming back to find a bunch of baboons trashing the place!

That’s what happened to Neil Cave, who was staying at an Airbnb in Simon’s Town, according to Daily Mail. While he had been away, the uninvited guests had broken in, deciding to throw a primate party!

Luckily, the Cave family kept a safe distance from the primates, but was close enough to film some hilarious footage. Daily Mail reports that he had to call the cops to bust the baboons.

The partiers eventually vacated, and despite the disaster they left, little damage was done. “Amazingly only one coffee cup broken,” he wrote on Facebook, according to Daily Mail.

We’re glad that no one was hurt during this incident, and we can get a good chuckle from Cave’s video!

(h/t: Daily Mail)