The Crocodile Hunter’s Son Is A Chip Off The Old Block

Boisterous television personality and champion for wildlife conservation, Steve Irwin burst onto the scene in 1996. His show, The Crocodile Hunter, featured him fearlessly handling giant crocs and other terrifying animals with unmatched enthusiasm. Irwin’s son, Robert – just two-years-old at the time of his dad’s tragic death – is now following in his noble footsteps. Not only is he the tan, blond spitting image of Irwin, Robert also inherited his dad’s charisma and limitless passion for animals.

Robert Irwin is now 13-years-old and quite the little star in his own right. He has become a regular guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, introducing the funny man and his audience to a series of adorable and fascinating creatures.

Jimmy is understandably a bit jumpy around some (well, all) of Robert’s animal companions, but the junior croc hunter talks him through his fears with the same innocent fascination his dad once demonstrated while forcing Conan O’Brien to ultrasound a pregnant anaconda.

Robert has appeared on Fallon’s show three times since February 16, 2017. In his first two guest spots he presented the nervous host with an African dwarf crocodile, a screaming armadillo, a red-tailed boa constrictor, a sloth, a scorpion, two baby black bears, two legless lizards, a binturong, and a green aracari.

On the June 7 show, Robert brought along a North American badger, two baby warthogs, a baby kangaroo, a young alligator snapping turtle, and its massive 100-year-old cousin!

Terri Irwin, Robert’s mom and Steve’s widow, has worked hard to carry on her husband’s legacy and ensure that her children know just how amazing their father truly was. Terri, Robert, and older sister, Bindi starred in a 2012 series called Steve Irwin’s Wildlife Warriors, and both children have gone on to continue his mission of wildlife conservation.

Aside from his television appearances and work with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors – a foundation created by his parents, Robert has also co-authored several books and is a respected wildlife photographer. His dad would be so proud.

Featured Image via Facebook/Robert Clarence Irwin