Woman Opens Garage To Find A Bear Helping Himself To Her Dog’s Food

Diana Chase owns the Pine Mountain Inn located in Pine Mountain Club, California. The area sits in a deep valley and is surrounded by the Los Padres National Forest, so Chase is certainly no stranger to wildlife.

Still, her boldness when confronted by a hungry bear is admirable!

Chase was moving supplies from her truck into her home when she came face to face with the animal, catching it red-pawed as it helped itself to a generous sized bag of dog food. In a cell phone video she shot herself, Chase calmly tells the bear, “I know you want the dog food, but you can’t have it.”

However the bear persists with its brash kibble-seeking behavior. Watch as Chase bravely tries to shoo the stubborn creature away.

Chase peaks outside to make sure the bear is leaving – coming far too close for comfort – and is eventually able to back up and hit the button to close the garage door.

Yikes! What an encounter! What would you have done in Chase’s situation? Personally, I think I would have let him have all the dog food his little bear heart desired!

Video and Images c/o Facebook/The Pine Mountain Inn