One-Eyed Goat Proves To Be A True Miracle

Myth comes to life in this baby goat, born the 10th of May in a small village in India. Since it’s birth, tourists have been flocking to the village to see this incredibly rare animal.

The goat’s unique appearance is caused by “Cyclopia” – a disorder that manifests itself as any number of deformities in the face. In this case, as one large eye instead of the two typical of goats. He has a few other mutations present in his nose, jaw, and ears – but you’d hardly notice, as his eye takes center stage.

The goat wasn’t expected to live more than a few days as the deformities caused by Cyclopia are often fatal, but so far he seems to be doing pretty well!

I doubt he knows he’s any different than the other goats. His owner, Murkhuri Das has high hopes for the little kid. He considers him a miracle, and says he believes the goat will bring good luck to his home.