Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges Over Pig’s Incredible Obesity

Most of the time when we’re dealing with animal abuse and neglect, the animal victims involved are emaciated. They’ve often been deprived of food and water, causing severe undernourishment. But this isn’t the only way you can abuse an animal. In fact, serious obesity is, and should be, considered abuse as well. Animals cannot become obese alone, they need a human to overfeed them and neglect to provide adequate exercise. For Maybelle the pig, this experience is all too real.

Maybelle is a pot-bellied pig; an animal that weighs on average about 100-110lbs. When Maybelle was seized from her owner’s home by the Animal Rescue League, she was almost 200lbs. Darlene Wood, an officer with the Animal Rescue League, told WBZ-TV,

“It’s not healthy for the pig, and as much as being underweight is a form of neglect and abuse, so is being this much overweight.”

Maybelle is so overweight that she is unable to stand. In fact, she has so much excess skin and fat that her vision is affected. Pigs are highly intelligent and social animals and, like people, can become depressed when they are overweight and unable to live a quality life. The rescue hopes that with weight loss, Maybelle will get her morale back and is able to be adopted into a happy, healthy home.

Maybelle was taken from the residence of Megan Caterino, who says she was holding the animal for a friend. However, she’s the third pig that’s been removed from Caterino’s care. She is now being charged with animal cruelty, which will hopefully help prevent her from owning and abusing other animals, regardless of species.