Baby Otter and Bengal Cat are Unlikely Friends

Many pet-parents feel the need to find a friend for their pets. Pia Cuijpers isn’t much different. Only instead of a cat or dog, she felt the need to get a companion for the baby otter she was caring for. Pip was born in a litter of five – but mother otters can only feed up to four babies at a time. When it became apparent that Pip wasn’t getting all the nutrition she needed, Pia, a zookeeper, volunteered to care for her.

Pia loves Bengal cats, and always imagined having one in her home. When she realized that Pip would need a friend, she felt that it was finally time to adopt. That’s when she met and fell in love with Sam. Sam and Pip took some time to warm up to each other, but once they did, they became the best of friends!


The two now spend their days together with Pia, her boyfriend, and their two black-headed Caiques, Red and Silver. Pia says her home is often referred to as “a small zoo”, and it really is!

You can follow Sam, Pip, and their bird friends on Instagram!