Brave Dog Chases Bear From Family Home

With spring in full effect, it’s not unusual for wildlife to creep into urban areas. With people taking up more and more space in natural habitats, wildlife often has no place else to go and becomes adapted to the urbanization of their environment. Some of those animals, however, can be dangerous. In the case of this Los Angeles, CA home, the danger became very real. A black bear made its way through the yards in a neighborhood to find itself inside the yard of one of the houses.

The black bear wandered into the yard where the family dog was relaxing outside. Upon seeing the bear, the dog appears frightened and retreats cautiously back to the house. It’s a smart move, because even though the pup appears rather large, he’s certainly no match for a black bear. Or so we thought, that is. The dog moves all the way to the landing of the house, but as he sees the bear get closer, he takes matters into his own paws. Likely not wanting the black bear to get near his family’s home, the dog charges and chases the bear all the way out of the yard!




Needless to say, this pooch certainly deserves some recognition. It’s nice to see two animals communicate in such a way without any injuries. The two animals seemed to get the point across each way – the dog was frightened, but not enough to let the black bear get too close to home. The bear, although much bigger and stronger, knew exactly what the pup was trying to say; he couldn’t get closer without a fight. Thankfully everyone remained unharmed and the news helicopter caught a great view!