Cat Likes To Hitch A Ride On His Horse Best Friend

Is there anything horses CAN’T charm? We’ve shared video of horses who befriend dogs, horses who befriend camels, and now we’ve got this horse and his best friend, a cat!

Champy’s owner adopted Morris, a black cat, four years ago – and the two have been best friends ever since! Morris is an affectionate little guy, and loves climbing up on the fence to nuzzle his buddy!


Champy doesn’t mind at all when his friend wants to go for a ride – Morris is a natural-born rider, and can often be found sitting on Champy’s back!

Source: Cat rides horse by champyandmorris on Rumble

 No matter what time of day.

Source: Sunday morning horse ride by champyandmorris on Rumble

These two pals are well cared for, and their owner loves to take lots of photos and video of them together!

They live in New South Wales, Australia with their people and a few other animals. Sometimes, they even get visits from the local kangaroos!

You can keep up with these guys on their Facebook page. They spend a lot of time together, so it’s updated often!

A great friendship is a special find no matter what species you are – these two are so lucky to have each other!