Dog Helps His Young Master Rescue A Mama Goat & Her Newborn Stranded In The Snow

Hamdü Sena Bilgin is only 11-years-old, but she already has more responsibility than many people twice her age. She and her dog, Tomi are goatherders on her parents’ farm outside Rize, Turkey.

The Bilgin family raises the goats for their milk. Keeping them safe is Hamdü Sena and Tomi’s job, so when one of the herd suddenly went into labor on a snow covered hillside, they sprang to action.

Hamdü Sena determined that they were too far from home for the mother to walk back safely on her own. She decided it was best to quickly lead the rest of the herd back to the farm, then return for the mama and baby. At home she grabbed two backpacks and rushed back to the hillside.

Rize’nin Yağcılar Köyü’nde yaşayan 11 yaşındaki Hamdu Sena Bilgin, doğum yapan keçisini sırtına aldı, yavrusunu da çoban köpeğine bağladığı sırt çantasına koyup barınağa ulaştırdı.

Posted by Al Jazeera Turk on Friday, February 3, 2017


She loaded the mother goat into one pack and the new baby into the other. Hamdü Sena bore the burden of the heavier mama, while Tomi pitched in by carrying the baby kid on his own back. The pair hefted their precious cargo and began the long, chilly hike through the frozen hills.


Keçili fotoğrafın sırrı ortaya çıktı
Rize’de yeni doğum yapmış keçiyi sırtı…

Posted by Aleyna Azra Turk on Thursday, February 2, 2017


Cold, wet and exhausted, Hamdü Sena came across her brother near the end of the journey and he snapped the inspiring photos of the heroic young girl and her faithful dog. When posted online, Hamdü Sena’s story and the accompanying pictures quickly went viral, making her quite the internet star in her native Turkey and beyond.

Rizeli Hamdu Sena, hayvan sevgisiyle örnek oldu
Yeni doğum yapan keçiyi sırtında, yavrusunu ise köpeğinin sırtına bağlad…

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If you ask her, Hamdü Sena will say she was just doing her job, but in a world full of so much turmoil and despair, people cannot help but be inspired by her maturity, bravery, and dedication to the animals in her care. Tomi, too has become quite the internet darling for his enormous role in the rescue effort.

Herkesin merak ettiği Rizeli ‘Heidi’yi İHA buldu

Doğum yapan keçisini okul çantasında sırtında taşıdığı fotoğrafları…

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As for the mama and baby goat, they are warm and cozy back at the farm and are reported to be quite healthy!

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Featured Image via Facebook/Bakin Ne Oldo