Dog Miraculously Survives House Fire & Finds Her Cat Friend 2 Months Later

Two months ago, a family from Michigan was dealt a devastating blow. It was a pet parent’s nightmare come true: their family’s home went up in flames with their dog and two cats inside.

When firefighters found pup Chloe, she was huddled in the bathroom and barely alive.

“They found her lying in the bathroom because that’s always been her safe zone, so that’s where she ran to during the fire,” homeowner Christine Marr said in a story by The Dodo.

Image Source: Christine Marr


The pup was having difficulty breathing when they brought her outside. They weren’t equipped with oxygen masks, so she was rushed to the vet – and miraculously pulled through.

Image Source: Christine Marr


Unfortunately, one of the family’s cats, named Smoke, was not so lucky and she lost her life in the fire. The other cat, Ringer, was nowhere to be found.

He and Chloe were especially close, and the Marrs feared the worst – but never gave up completely.

Image Source: Christine Marr


Christine Marr continued to visit the charred remains of their home to feed the barn cats. Every time, she hoped that somehow, Chloe’s best friend would emerge from the rubble.

“For a good month, I went there every day and called for Ringer,” she said to The Dodo. “I called and called and called. I just didn’t believe he had perished in the fire.”

But as days turned into weeks, her optimism dwindled, and the family tried to accept the loss. Then one day, almost two months later, everything changed.

On Mother’s Day, Mr. and Mrs. Marr decided to return to the home, which had been cleaned up since the disaster. And this time, they happened to bring Chloe along.

Image Source: Christine Marr


In the dining room, the pup went straight for a hole in the wall that lead to a gap under the house. Chloe stuck her head in the opening, and when the couple tried to pull her away, she was adamant about returning to the spot. That’s when they heard meowing…

The couple assumed it must’ve been one of the barn cats, thinking there was no way that Ringer could’ve survived for two months without food or water.

Once the kitty was freed, he was nearly unrecognizable, covered in dirt and half his size. But as he rubbed his head against his beloved family, they noticed the telltale ring on his tale – it really was Ringer!

Image Source: Christine Marr


Naturally, Chloe was elated to see her friend again, and could barely contain her joy on the ride home.

“She was jumping up and down in the backseat, so excited, trying to jump up front to get to Ringer,” Marr told The Dodo.

Image Source: Christine Marr


After a visit to the vet, it was determined that Ringer would need to be nourished through a feeding tube for a while, but he would be alright. He may have survived by nibbling on spiders and bugs, but it was sheer will that kept him going.

Marr wrote on Facebook that finding the feline was her “Mother’s Day miracle” !

Image Source: Christine Marr


Chloe and Ringer are thrilled to be back together, two miracles that came out of a tragedy. And what’s more, the pup proved that she is a true hero!

Image Source: Christine Marr


“Chloe is so happy, and doesn’t want to ever leave the room where he is,” Marr said of the two best friends in the story.

Marr set up a YouCaring page to help cover the remaining costs of Chloe and Ringer’s vet bills. If you’d like to contribute, click here.

Special thanks to Christine Marr for letting us share this heartwarming story, and best of luck to her and her family! 

(h/t: The Dodo)