Duck Pulls Dog Out Of 2-Year Depression Following The Loss Of His Best Friend

We love stories about unexpected friendships, and this one proves to be pretty different from the rest!

George the dog lost his best friend, Blackie the Lab, two years ago. After that, he spiraled into a depression.

Since then, things went from bad to worse for George, as he grew lonely and started suffering from loneliness and anxiety. The poor pup became so downtrodden, he began refusing to eat, nearly starving himself to death.

Without his best friend, George was quite anti-social and disliked the company of other animals and strangers. That is, until one day, when a duck showed up…

Watch a news clip on this amazing story:

Can you believe that?! Who’d have thought that a plucky little duck would be the one to save the day?! George’s human says she is glad that he’s finally found some peace, and we can’t agree more.

Best of luck to these two buddies!