Like Animals and Legos? Then You’ll Love These

Let’s face it, pretty much everyone loves Legos. And if you’re here, you definitely love animals. So what’s better than Lego-like sculptures and animals? Well, not much. Hong Kong-based company JEKCA provides our inner child with their special animal sculptures that you build yourself using Lego-like pieces. Even more, they offer an incredible variety in the animals you want. They’re likely to have every coat color of cat and most dog breeds you can dream of along with some really cool macaws. We suspect they’re going to add more animals in the future with the way things are going.

Customers are raving about their kits, having fun building them and saying the quality is top-notch. You won’t have to worry about stepping on your assembled pet and breaking it into pieces after hours of hard work. Fans of JEKCA have taken to Instagram to share their awesome creations and we can’t get enough of them. Their pets, well… they aren’t quite sold on the idea.

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