Rescue Dog Pays It Forward By Helping Koalas In Need

Bear had a bit of a rough start in life. The young Border Collie-Australian Koolie cross was a lot of energy for the family that originally adopted him. Both Border Collies and Koolies are very intense, hardworking, high energy dogs that need a job to do and they can be quite a handful for the average family. They weren’t designed to be pets, so without the proper outlet for their vitality they can end up being unhappy, anxious and make their human’s lives miserable.

Fortunately, Bear was taken in by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. This organization had just the right job for this ambitious pup. Bear, like all dogs, has an incredible sense of smell, so the group enrolled him in their training program to become a Koala Detection Dog. Bear absolutely loves his new gig and we couldn’t be happier for him! Koalas are becoming more and more vulnerable to extinction for a variety of reasons – wildfires, habitat loss by humans, getting hit by vehicles and falling victim to disease. Since logging the eucalyptus trees that koalas make their homes is perhaps the largest threat, Bear’s job is to locate koalas in potential logging areas. If he finds them, the plantation work will be delayed, giving the organization time to safely relocate the koalas.

Further, Bear can help find sick or injured koalas that need help. After being tested, he’s shown a 96% success rate in finding koalas. Bear was rescued by the group in February of last year and was one of three animals to begin training at University of the Sunshine Coast’s Detection Dog Programme. He’s the only one that passed with flying colors, and we hope he encourages the use of detection dogs to help save wildlife all over the globe! With so many animals needing to be saved, both dogs and wildlife, it only makes sense to use them to help each other.