Rescue Piglet Joins Family of Pets

A family wanted to rescue this little piggy from going to market.

Things didn’t look good for Pillow from the start. Several pigs were born at once, more than the farmer could handle, and she and her family were due to be sold for meat or put to sleep.

Instead, Pillow was surrendered to a foster family in Sydney, Australia, known for taking in and caring for animals. Although the family already had a house full of cats and dogs…

…they couldn’t say no to taking in one little pig!

Pillow has made herself right at home, and gets along swimmingly with her new brothers and sisters!

Her foster sister says she’s made herself comfortable, and is happy relaxing all over – like in her sister’s lap…

Or in front of the heater in her home, “hogging up all the warmth”.

You can see her here, refusing to bottle feed, and drinking from a bowl. Who cares if she stands in it? Listen to those cute little oinks!

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