Service Offers Global Travel & Free Lodging For Pet Sitters

The desire to travel the world tops millions of bucket lists, but for some people there just never seems to be enough time, money or freedom. TrustedHousesitters is a UK-based service that connects home and pet owners looking to travel with trustworthy sitters who are willing to care for pets in exchange for free accommodations in exciting destinations across the globe!

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For as little as $9.92 a month, you can join the network as either a homeowner seeking pet sitters, or a house sitter with a love for travel – and of course, pets!

“Pets do this amazing thing where they just exist and make our whole lives better” …. ask any TrustedHousesitters
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Homeowners who choose TrustedHousesitters can rest assured that their property and their beloved pets are in good hands. The service uses a three step verification process that includes global identity and criminal background checks.

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Most pets tend to fare better when they are able to remain in their own homes. Avoiding the boarding kennel not only reduces separation anxiety, it helps prevent stress-related illnesses like colitis and contagious viruses like kennel cough.

Dogs and cats are able to sleep in their own beds and stick to their favored routines!

As for the pet sitters, TrustedHousesitters has members in more than 130 countries! Once you build up your reputation with great reviews, you gain access to gorgeous, extravagant homes in Barcelona, beachfront villas in Australia, New York City brownstones, and elegant London flats – just to name a few!

Depending on the needs of the homeowner, you could enjoy free accommodations anywhere from a matter of days to an entire year!

Best of all, you have the opportunity to meet tons of adorable pets! Depending on the member you match with, you may find yourself caring for dogs…

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pocket pets…

…or a menagerie!

Knowledge of the animals in your care is important, but should the need arise, TrustedHousesitters offers a 24/7 veterinary advice line to help you troubleshoot!

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If you are interested in becoming a sitter with TrustedHousesitters, the service recommends building up your profile with character references and gaining positive ratings by caring for pets in your local area.

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What do you think about this innovative concept? Would you be interested in becoming a travelling pet sitter?


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