Shelter Program Teaches Kids To Be Safe & Kind Around Pets

Dog bites and other pet-related incidents account for thousands of injuries in children each year. Not only are these events traumatizing for the kids, they also put the animals’ lives at risk. Most of these injuries could be avoided if only children learned how to properly behave around dogs, cats and other pets. The Pasadena Humane Society has created an innovative program to teach them about pet safety and the importance of kindness and respect towards all animals.

Children from Franklin Elementary School visited PHS today for Be Kind to Animals Week and the launch of our Kids for…

Posted by Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA on Thursday, May 11, 2017


“Kids for Animals” welcomes children 18 and under from the Pasadena, California area to participate in various projects at the shelter and in the community, focusing on creating a “culture of kindness” towards animals.

The youngest participants are taught three things they must do before petting a strange dog. 1) Ask the owner; 2) Allow the dog to sniff your hand first; and 3) When petting a shelter dog, never stick your fingers in the cage.

Kindergartners from Benjamin Franklin Elementary recently visited the shelter where they created chew toys for the bunnies and read pet-related books to the kittens. Reading to the animals is great for helping the kids develop confidence and literacy skills, plus it helps socialize the kitties prior to adoption!

Older kids in the program are encouraged to brainstorm their own service projects and fundraisers to promote adoption, helping them to appreciate the human-animal bond and the importance of giving back to their community!

The California Department of Public Health reported an increase in dog bites over the past decade, accounting for nearly 200,000 ER visits since 2011. The “Kids for Animals” program seeks to improve these numbers, while enriching the lives of shelter pets in the process!

To learn more about “Kids for Animals” and the many other community outreach programs for children and adults offered by the Pasadena Humane Society, visit their website.


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