They Call This Dog The “Horse Whisperer” And You’ll Clearly See Why!

Sometimes animals of other species can have an understanding with one another that truly amazes us. We love when “everybody can just get along” but then there are times that we are left in awe, that also gives us those proud parenting feels! Meet Boss, a strapping Doberman that has a way with horses like you’ve never seen. He enjoys being with them, going on rides with them, walking with them, you name it, he’s done it!

We know that Doberman’s are known for being working dogs, strong and resilient, but they actually have a soft side to them that many people aren’t aware of. On the ranch where he lives in Lima, Peru, Boss the Doberman is known as the “Horse Whisperer” among his humans. Contino, the white horse he is frequently pictured with, is obviously Boss’ favorite horse at the ranch, but you can see him mingling with the others, too!

I love to see the way that other species of animals can get along with horses, because just like us, everyone is drawn to these because creatures! Share this adorable video with your friends who love horses, just like you! And maybe this can inspire us to all just get along, just like animals can:)

doberman cuddle