Watch These Snow-Loving Ferrets Have the Time of Their Lives!

If you have a ferret, you know that the way to his heart is through tummy tickles, toys, and treats – but if you want to give him a real thrill, try snow!

You can watch ferrets Dusty and Milky discover snow for the first time, and make a great big mess! Their family filled a bowl and brought it inside so that these tiny rascals could play in a safe, warm environment, but they don’t seem too concerned about warmth when the stick their little faces in!

By the time they’re done, there’s more snow on the floor than in the bowl!


Source: Rescued ferrets discover snow for the first time by AnimalsRule on Rumble


Watching these tiny ferrets toss the snow, chase each other and burrow in is too cute!

Dusty and Milky were rescued by their forever family as kits, and are living in Surrey, England. The uploader says they can’t wait to play with the snow every year!