Foolish Paddleboarder Ignores Warnings To Leave Shark-Infested Water

The sunny coast of California is known for being a prime destination to enjoy water sports like surfing and paddleboarding. Last week’s temperate weather made it a prime day for everyone to come out and get some rays in Dana Point – including a slew of great white sharks.

The aquatic animals swam very close to shore, prompting advisories from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, who made announcements from a helicopter while counting at least 15 sharks.

While most people heeded the warning, one man decided to risk his safety – and that of the sharks – by staying in the water to get a closer look, paddling all the while. (As you’ll see, the commentators on the video below aren’t too impressed…)

The man “showing off” proves he has no respect for these animals who are simply trying to dwell in their natural habitat. There’s no need to demonize “scary” and “dangerous” animals; if we just give them their space, they’ll give us ours.

(h/t: mnn)