Big Game Hunter Killed By Animal During Hunting Expedition

Theunis Botha, who made a living leading hunting expeditions in Africa, was killed by an animal that he routinely hunted.

According to The Telegraph, the 51-year-old was out with a group of clients on a game reserve in Zimbabwe when they accidentally found themselves in the midst of a breeding herd of elephants and their calves.

The story reports that Botha shot at the three female elephants who began charging the group, but a fourth caught him off guard and lifted him up with her trunk. One of the other hunters fired a fatal shot at her and she collapsed, crushing Botha beneath her.

The hunter leaves behind his wife, five children, and animal advocates that aren’t as sympathetic.

According to the Theunis Botha Big Game Safaris website, he “perfected Leopard and Lion hunting safaris with hounds in Africa” and ran, “a passionate and professional hunting outfitter operation focussed on giving his clients a unique exiting [sp] African safari experience.”

It also happens that Botha was good friends with Scott Van Zyl, the professional hunter who was killed by a crocodile in April.

(h/t: The Telegraph)