Beanie-Clad Hero Liberates Snake From Gas Pump

A woman in Georgia must’ve had the shock of a lifetime when she went to replace the nozzle after filling up her tank this month – and not because of the price of gas.

Sat in the holder of the nozzle was a snake, and not just the tiny ones you might find around your garden; he was a pretty big fella. Luckily, a man nearby volunteered to help her and our snakey friend out. You can see him carefully remove the snake in the video below.

According to our brave, beanie-wearing hero, it was no big deal. We disagree.

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all snake charmers use music. Some make due with flannel shirts.  Kudos to the woman for not just setting the nozzle somewhere – ANYWHERE else and driving away!

h/t: ABC6