Cruel Prank With Snakes Scares Walmart Shoppers

At a local Paragould, Arkansas Walmart, shoppers got an unexpected surprise in the parking lot. An unknown person dumped about 40 snakes near parked cars causing quite a ruckus. Detective Jack Hailey responded to the scene. “At first, they were saying the snakes were copperheads and water moccasins,” he told KAIT. “But, after we got one of our officers who is apparently some sort of snake whisperer, we learned that they were non-venomous garden snakes.” It appears that someone caught these snakes with the specific purpose of leaving them in the Walmart parking lot.

A very poor choice for a joke, as some of the snakes were killed by frightened shoppers. These innocent animals lost their lives and suffered for something that was potentially dangerous to the people as well. A mass of people in a panic is a potentially deadly situation that puts everyone in the area at risk of injury or even death.  Detective Hailey isn’t taking the situation lightly and although no suspect is known, anyone committing a similar act could face charges. “At the minimum, you could look at disorderly conduct of causing alarm to a public place, but if you look at the bigger picture, if someone was trying to get away from them and got hurt in any sort of way, those charges could easily increase,” said Hailey. “Your actions resulted in someone getting hurt and we don’t want that at all.”

Thankfully no people were harmed outside of some emotional suffering, but it’s unfortunate that the snakes had to suffer for such a stupid joke. Detective Hailey urges people to leave snakes and other wild animals alone in their natural habitat. “If you like to play with snakes, keep them in their natural habitats where they belong,” he says. “it is not anything funny. It is not cute. It is going to get somebody hurt and could potentially get someone seriously hurt.” We couldn’t agree more.