Florida Man Takes On 8 Foot Python to Save Dog

Joseph Liscinsky is no stranger to finding reptiles in his home. A resident of Pembroke Pines, Florida, his home has been visited by the local wildlife plenty of times.

Joseph had a particularly rude house guest last week- an 8-foot python slithered up to his home looking for trouble. What would possess a man to take on such a big snake? According to Joseph, the reptile was within striking distance of his small dog, Midnight!

Joseph’s neighbors captured some photos of his struggle with the snake and The Sun Sentinel decided to drop in on him to see what the fuss was about.

Joseph managed to trap the snake into what we’re assuming is a jumbo-sized pillowcase using a mop. His house guest left him a painful parting-gift, having bitten Joseph’s hand during the brawl; he says he’s just glad Midnight wasn’t snake-food.