Toddler is missing for 15 hours – her deaf-blind dog leads family directly to...

Lost 3-year-old girl wandered into Australian Bushland and was lost for over 15 hours, but her senior Blue Heeler dog kept her safe through it all.

Woman hears crying outside her home – discovers a stray dog keeping a newborn...

Stray dog in search of food for litter discovers abandoned newborn baby and covers him with herself and her pups to protect him through the winter night.

City Introduces Programs To Make Life Better For Street Dogs

Instead of looking the other way, the city government is working hand-in-hand with it’s dog-loving citizens to provide for these homeless dogs.

Dying Dog Carried Down The Aisle To Be By His Human On Her Wedding...

A beloved black Lab named Charlie lived just long enough to be with his favorite human when she got married.

This Is Why Dogs Never Die

If you've ever lost a furry family member, you will never forget this powerful story. To the person who wrote this, thank you.

Woman Writes Heartwrenching Letter To Puppy Mill Breeder

While trying to deal with Lily’s passing, Theresa wrote the following potent letter. And while it’s addressed to Lily’s breeder, we hope it will strike a note with anyone involved in the breeding or selling of dogs in mills.

Watch The Tearful Reunion Of A Boy & His Dog Separated By Terrifying Tornado

A Boy and his Grandfather are searching for the Boy's two missing dogs, Dexter and Repo after they were separated during the devastating Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.

Frog Log: The Big Idea That’s Saving Lots Of Little Lives

Having a pool at home is a great way to relax and keep cool in the summer months, but it can be dangerous for...

DJ, an Orphaned Baby Burro in Donkeyland

Some of the photos below may be considered graphic. There is a rescue in Moreno Valley, California, unique in that it specializes in care for...