15 Creatures Who Are Masters Of Disguise

Animals of all kinds impress us in so many ways, but some of the most mind-boggling creatures are those that are masters of disguise!

From clever camouflage to full-on trickery, the 15 critters below are so incredible, you may not believe they’re real!


1. Baron Caterpillar

Image Source: Wohin Auswandern via Flickr


2. Great Horned Owl

Camouflaged perfectly! Great Horned Owl in her nest. photo by David Mendosa.There are more wonderful owls at the following link http://goo.gl/k8Zdtt

Posted by myowlbarn on Thursday, June 11, 2015

3. Leaf-Tailed Gecko 

Image Source: reibai via Flickr


4. Crested Leaf-Litter Toad

Crested Leaf-litter Toad

Posted by Sunrise Birding, LLC – Bird Watching and Wildlife Tours on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5. Wrap-Around Spider

Image Source: Eine_Bier_Getrunken via Reddit

6. Flounder Fish

Shared by RespectMyAuthoriteh via Reddit

7. Tawny Frogmouth

Image Source: peterichman via Flickr


8. Pygmy Seahorse

Image Source: prilfish via Flickr


9. Cuttlefish

Shared by remotectrl via Reddit

10. Spicebush Caterpillar (aka “Snake Caterpillar)

Image Source: John Flannery via Flickr


Image Source: John Flannery via Flickr


11. Killdeer Eggs

Image Source: Johnathan Nightingale via Flickr


12. Gray Treefrog

Image Source: Northeast Coastal & Barrier Network via Flickr

13. Buff-Tip Moth

Image Source: Patrick Clement via Flickr


14. White-tailed Ptarmigan

Image Source: USFWS Mountain-Prairie via Flickr

15. Crab Spider

Image Source: Daniel Jolivet via Flickr