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Orphaned Baby Elephant Receives Heartwarming Welcome From Herd


Dok Geaw is now 1-year and 9-months-old. Like many elephants in Thailand, his life has not always been positive. His mother was a logging elephant and when Dok Geaw was born, she suffered a prolapsed uterus and other complications. Unfortunately, she was put back to work and her condition continued to worsen. She was finally brought to Thai Elephant Conservation Center’s Elephant Hospital in Lampang, but despite their best efforts she was unable to make a recovery. At just 4-months-old, Dok Geaw became an orphan.

Khun Kanjana Silpa-archa rescued Dok Geaw, took him to the Elephant Conservation Centre, and continued his care as he still needed to nurse from his mother. Now, at 1-year and 9-months old and weighing over 1,700-lbs, everyone agreed it was time Dok Geaw be welcomed into a full herd of elephants. When he arrived at Elephant Nature Park, the rest of the herd was delighted. Their warm welcome is inspiring. The adults and calves alike run towards Dok Geaw and greet him with tremendous joy, talking to him and touching him through his enclosure.

Needless to say, Dok Geaw has found his new family. Elephant Nature Park says he now stays with, “Dok Rak, Dok Ngern, Dok Mai, Faa Mai, Faa Sai and Sri Nuan.” He also has two mahouts (a person who works with and tends to elephants) to assist his feedings when he needs milk. It’s clear that Dok Geaw and the rest of the herd are happy and we can’t wait to see him grow up to be a confident adult.


Written by Ananta
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