Lion Reminds Foolish Man Who’s King Of The Jungle

If I had a dollar for every time my mother told me not to record ferocious lions close up with my phone…

It’s something we all grew up hearing over and over, ’til our moms were blue in the face. DON’T RECORD LIONS UP CLOSE WITH YOUR PHONE. (Okay, she may never have said that, but it’s common sense.) Except for this guy, apparently. He was in for a shock when the king of the jungle here told him to knock it off. Tsk tsk.

Really, this is probably the BEST possible outcome when you’re irritating a lion like this one! With all those teeth and claws, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could forget that, majestic as he is, he’s still a dangerous creature! Glad to see he remembered really quickly and left the lion alone!