These Geese Are Eager to Say “Hello” To Their Human Mom!

Geese aren’t known for being the cuddliest of creatures. That might be why it’s so surprising to see these geese hollar and run to greet their owner – like they’re happy children instead of waterfowl!

These geese are Dooby and Mickey – two of the free-range and well-loved geese that live at Woodland Farms Sanctuary. Have you ever seen a goose so excited to see their human? I’ve never seen a goose that had a human – but these two have one who loves them so much she calls them her babies. With those eager faces and excited waddles, it’s easy to see why she does!


Source: Geese scream in excitement upon owner’s return by WoodlawnFarms on Rumble


Dooby and Mickey are Cotton-Patch Geese, which are considered critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Woodland Farms Sanctuary is focused on the conservation of endangered species, like the Cotton-Patch Goose and Andalusian Chicken. If you’d like to contribute to their conservancy efforts and help keep these geese happy, you can visit Woodlawn Farms Sanctuary’s GoFundMe page.