16 Incredible Before & After Photos Of Rescued Animals

Dog and cat rescues are common. In fact, there are thousands of rescue organizations and shelters geared towards helping these furry creatures find loving, forever homes. They take in millions of sick, injured, abused and neglected animals. But dogs and cats aren’t the only creatures that need rescuing. Just take a look at your local pet re-homing listings and you’re bound to find beautiful animals of every species living in less-than-ideal conditions. Sometimes, the owners don’t know they’re doing anything wrong. Other times, it’s a case of serious neglect and abuse. Thankfully, there are thousands of people out there putting their time and effort into helping these forgotten animals find their health and happiness. Thanks to Reddit, there’s a whole bunch of people that get to share the amazing success stories of the animals they rescue – whether they’re furry, finned, feathered or scaled.

#1 – This veiled chameleon was adopted from a heavy smoker and she made an incredible transformation in just 30 days in her new home.

Adopted a sick 3 year old veild chameleon from a smoker. This is her progress

#2 – Johnny shows amazing progress 1 year after being rescued.

My friend rescued Johnny 1 year ago today

#3 – This Imgur user received a “broken” fish for free, but he’s no longer broken.

Got a broken fish for free. Two months later….

#4 – This leopard gecko needed some extra TLC but found health and a loving forever home.

He was adopted. I’m gonna miss his bad attitude!

#5 – Sophia was a laying hen that was considered “spent” by the egg industry and destined for slaughter. She was rescued by Animal Place and found a loving home.

Two years ago, Sofia was a hen considered “spent” by the egg industry. She was saved from slaughter by the sanctuary Animal Place, who found a loving home that adopted her.

#6 – Ivy was living in a very poor environment and was covered with mites, but today she’s one of the most beautiful snakes we’ve seen.


#7 – Momo the cockatiel was rescued at 5-months-old, fearful and neglected. At 10-months-old, he’s tired from happily playing all day.

Image source: triforcetriangle | Reddit

#8 – Gibbs was very thin when he was rescued, weighing under 2lbs. Today he’s 4lbs!

Image source: skelekey | Reddit

#9 – This pet store worker found that one of their bearded dragons had a broken leg. Since they couldn’t sell her, he decided to adopt her… and she adopted his dog!

Another rescue. This one claimed my dog

#10 – Suffering from fin rot, Ollie the betta showed an amazing transformation in just 4 months with his rescuer.

Image source: smashleyroho | Reddit

#11 – Toaster was surrendered to a store and an employee took her home. She was extremely thin, but is large and healthy now.

Toaster, the survivor

#12 – This bunny went from an empty wire cage in a hoarder’s basement to having his own bedroom with a best friend.

Image source: orosolido41 | Reddit

#13 – This American kestrel made an amazing recovery at the raptor rehabilitation center. The director of the organization rescued him.

Not a normal “adoption” but this is a before and after of Wriggly an American Kestrel. He was rescued by the director of the raptor rehab center where I volunteer.

#14 – It took just one week for this rescued leopard gecko to perk right up.

Image source: trwwyco | Reddit

#15 – This Savannah monitor lizard was found on the street in a cardboard box, cold and starving. After months of hard work by his foster mom, he’s made an incredible recovery and was adopted into a loving, forever home.

Before. Image source: Peggy W.

After. Image source: Peggy W.

#16 – Found starving in a dirt lot, this horse is now a competition horse and best friend to his owner!

Found starving on a dirt lot via Craigslist, now competing in rated competitions and the best horse I’ve ever owned!