Beaver Who Put On Winter Pounds Gets A Helping Hand

Few animals enjoy laying low during the long Canadian winter as much as the humble beaver.

No more felling trees, building dams, and living up to the old expression, “busy as a beaver.”

But one beaver seems to have enjoyed the seasonal break a little too much. Animal control officers in Hamilton, Ontario say the time off may not have been good to this beaver, who had packed on so many pounds, he couldn’t get himself out from between the bars of a wrought-iron fence.

While he was able to squeeze most of his body through the fence, his, err… posterior proved a little too portly.

Image Source: City of Hamilton


“He landed, as the Canadian-ism goes, arse over teakettle through the fence onto a lower section of ground and couldn’t pull his rear-end through with his tiny front paws,” the city noted in a press release.

And so the beaver, who has been an official symbol of Canadian sovereignty since 1975, had to rely on a little help from animal services officer Sarah Mombourquette.

She managed to cover the squirming animal in soap, making him just slippery enough to pull him out of his predicament.

The beaver, one of the world’s largest rodents, was sent to Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, where he’s being treated for lingering injuries before he can be returned to the wild.

“The beaver is still having trouble with .. back and hind limbs, so although full recovery is expected it might take a week or so to heal properly after which the beaver will be reunited with its family,” the group reported on its Facebook page.

And hopefully, along the way, this beefy beaver will learn a valuable lesson about keeping busy — or at least, a little busier — over the winter.

Watch a video of this wayward rodent getting a much-needed bath below:

It looks like he’ll be heading home soon!