Frog Log: The Big Idea That’s Saving Lots Of Little Lives

Having a pool at home is a great way to relax and keep cool in the summer months, but it can be dangerous for the tiny wildlife that calls your yard home. The water attracts small animals looking for a quick dip or a drink, and they often end up in the pool’s filter after tiring out and dying.

This was a big problem for Richard Mason, a wildlife biologist. Richard was saddened to hear that a friend had 53 frogs die in her pool in just one year, and it inspired him to create a way to save those little lives.

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This is the Frog Log, a small floating platform with a ramp that leads to freedom – and life – for thirsty critters who would otherwise be trapped and likely die. The frog log has textured sides to help make climbing onto it easier, a wide floating platform, and a ramp anchored to the side of your pool by a weighted base.

The Frog Log won’t support the weight of your dog or cat, but it will reduce the number of frogs and mice you might find in your pool’s filter.

No life is too small to be insignificant! Feel the need to own Richard’s incredible invention? You can get one for your pool at Amazon!


h/t: BoredPanda