Lost, Lonely Lioness Is Reunited with Her Pride

Imagine being lost in an unfamiliar part of the savannah – no one else around, just you. It’s a scary thought, even for a fierce lion that calls the savannah home. Lions rely heavily on their families for survival, they hunt together and protect each other – without their pride, a lion can be vulnerable.

This lioness spent three days alone, separated from her pride. Lonely, she called out for them over and over without a response. Three days later, she still hadn’t given up, and her persistence was about to be rewarded.

After spending nearly half a week without the company of her family, they reappeared. They seemed to have been searching for her – it’s incredible to see the recognition, and the warm, happy reunion that follows!

It’s so nice to see a happy ending after such a sad period for this big cat! Some long-awaited snuggles were had and the lioness was able to rejoin her pride!