Newborn Moose’s Baby Steps Stop Traffic

Commuters in Homer, Alaska got a treat earlier this week. Traffic was stopped this weekend to allow this mother moose and her newborn calf to amble down the highway on an early morning walk. CBS This Morning says the couple who captured this video stopped to allow them to cross, and the vehicles on the opposite side of the road did the same, so they were able to pass safely.

The calf didn’t seem to have walking down just yet – his “amble” was nearly a “stumble”. Those tiny, wobbly, misplaced baby steps are enough to make anyone saw “Awww!” Almost all legs with knobby little knees, he weaves back and forth across the road, following mom. Although he may not win any points for style, he does fairly well and stays upright and close to his mother – not bad for a newborn!

The highway may not seem like the ideal place to teach your baby to walk, but it may have been the most direct route to their destination. The little family ended their walk at a nearby elementary school. The calf isn’t able to enroll – especially not this late in the school year – but they were able to rest after their stroll.