Bobcat Kittens Reunited With Mom After House Fire

A Canadian fire crew made an unexpected rescue while putting out a house fire this weekend.

Two tiny bobcat kittens were pulled from a blazing home in a Calgary suburb last Friday. Firefighters are in the business of saving lives, but these aren’t your everyday rescues!

Firefighters believe the two kittens were resting under the deck of the house when it caught fire. During a search of the property, a firefighter emerged from the yard with one kitten found under the home. The other was found under the doorstep after the fire was out.  Fire crews carry pet boxes in case animals are found, and the two kittens – a little scared but overall okay – were put into one to be transported away from the house.

The brother and sister bobcat babies were taken to a local animal hospital to be looked over. Both were checked for injuries, treated to dinner, and then taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center. With the help of Alberta Fish and Wildlife, their mother was located and the kittens were able to be reunited with her!

It’s always a good day when animals are rescued from disaster – but it’s even better when they can be put back in the wild where they belong and reunited with mom!